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Integrated Payor Solutions Signs Contract with Hawaii Mainland Administrators, LLC to Provide Emerging Advanced EOB Solution

Integrated Payor Solutions, a full-stack tech solution for medical claim processing, announced a new relationship with Arizona-based, third-party administrator Hawaii Mainland Administrators. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with leading TPA Hawaii Mainland Administrators,” said Shawn Evans, CEO of Integrated Payor Solutions. “With the No Surprises Act looming, Hawaii Mainland Administrators needed an immediate solution for the transparency act and we’re proud to deliver that with Transparency+.”

Transparency+ is a bolt-on software solution offered by Integrated Payor Solutions that is built on Salesforce, a powerful platform with the flexibility to integrate and grow with any existing technology stack. This solution focuses on compliance with the No Surprises Act and gives organizations like Hawaii Mainland Administrators the ability to provide claims processing, along with advanced EOBs that will be compliant with the Act. “It’s rapidly becoming clear how important it is to have a transparency solution in place with the introduction of the No Surprises Act,” says Evans. “Health plans need to be prepared to be compliant as soon as possible, and we can have our solution up and running in an average of 60 days.”

In December 2020, the No Surprise Act was signed into law, requiring TPAs, health plans and self-insured employers to maintain up to date, in-network provider directories and disclose detailed pricing and cost-sharing information to consumers and other stakeholders. “These new requirements create a serious problem for health plans – one that IPS is equipped to solve with a stand-alone claims processing system and cost estimator,” said Evans. “Our efficient implementation process brings health plans up to speed with transparency requirements, which is imperative as we approach 2022.’