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Integrated Payor Solutions Partners with Yuzu Health to Revolutionize Digital Self-Funded Health Plans

September 19, 2023 – Integrated Payor Solutions (IPS), a benefits administration and compliance solutions provider, is collaborating with tech-powered TPA Yuzu Health (Yuzu) to engineer a new generation of self-funded health plans that enhance and customize member experience, support, and value. Driven by a mutual care to improve the way members and employers handle healthcare and a need for modernized integration and adjudication, Yuzu is leveraging its collaboration with IPS to offer creative plan offerings to the industry’s most forward-thinking employer groups and brokers.

“IPS’s efficient and cloud-based solutions are really what set us apart. With Yuzu, we were able to implement and provide them with significant platform updates—all within an agreed-upon 90-day timeline. With our platforms, IPS has provided Yuzu with direct access to revolutionary reporting tools and integration data, as well as hourly claims status syncs. We’re proud to have helped accelerate the process of Yuzu’s plan designs and administration,” said Shawn Evans, IPS CEO and Founder.

Some key features of Yuzu’s partnered self-funded plan offerings include simplified and user-friendly member and employer portals, cutting-edge software to improve plan customizability care, plus a responsive in-house, US-based customer support team. With IPS, Yuzu can now prioritize fast-moving claims adjudication and compliance for customers.

“Yuzu Health believes the way people pay for and understand healthcare is changing. We also believe that helping members understand the price of care and helping to engage them is a powerful tool for improving healthcare value. We are thrilled to join forces with IPS, who, in a timeline of just 90 days, implemented improvements to Yuzu’s claims adjudication lifecycle and our employer and member experiences overall,” said Yuzu Co-Founder and COO Russell Pekala.

To this collaboration, IPS brings experience and success in benefits administration and transparency. Through their Salesforce-powered compliance solution platform Transparency+, IPS offers price comparison tools for members and file processing resources that simplify and expedite updates following changing regulations for TPAs and employers under the No Surprises Act and Transparency in Coverage Rule. Plus, IPS offers Encompass+, a full-stack and cloud-based platform that performs scalable HIPAA and SOC 2-compliant benefits administration.

In addition, Yuzu brings technology expertise as a self-hosted TPA and plan provider, offering a completely self-contained routing process, high-speed file exchange software, built-in auditing capabilities, and an automated claims system. Yuzu integrates these resources directly into IPS’s Salesforce platform, allowing for hourly monitoring and a rapid-response customer service experience. Partnered with IPS, Yuzu enhances its capabilities with compliant and reliable claims adjudication, partner access to limited claim views, easily loadable custom plan designs, role-based permissions for adjudication, and checks for payment integrity and accuracy.

About Integrated Payor Solutions

Integrated Payor Solutions is an industry-leading cloud-based technology company empowering payor networks by helping them meet compliance and transparency through two tools, Encompass+ and Transparency+. This software effortlessly bypasses paper-based errors and manages complicated data by simplifying data collection through in-house IT processes. Encompass+ is an ideal solution for your TPA, ASO, or network because it removes the burden of having to invest in additional IT resources. Transparency+ is a stand-alone claims processing system and cost estimator built on the dynamic Salesforce platform.

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About Yuzu Health

Yuzu Health is a tech-enabled TPA with expertise in serving small, level-funded employer plans. The Yuzu team is comprised of software experts who believe that better data and adjudication technology will be the key to building healthcare plans that are able to effectively control costs and keep members happy and healthy. They support network models, RBP models, and cash-pay models.

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