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Integrated Payor Solutions Partners with Cornerstone Preferred Resources to Provide Advanced EOB Solution, Transparency+

Integrated Payor Solutions, a company providing a full-stack tech solution for medical claims processing, announced a new relationship with Cornerstone Preferred Resources (CPR), a Houston-based third-party administrator, to provide a software solution that helps CPR achieve compliance with new price transparency requirements.

“Now that 2022 is here, we are seeing more and more TPAs seeking a solution for the No Surprises Act regulations,” said Shawn Evans, CEO of Integrated Payor Solutions. “We are proud to partner with Cornerstone Preferred Resources and give them the industry’s leading and immediate solution for the No Surprises Act with Transparency+.”

Cornerstone Preferred Resources President, William O’Keefe, approached Integrated Payor Solutions in November in preparation of the new requirements taking effect in 2022.

“At Cornerstone, it has always been our charge to place our clients and their employees first. Complying with the No Surprise Act and its multi-faceted elements required an all encompassing solution,” said Bill O’Keefe, CEO of Cornerstone. “IPS provided Cornerstone with the capability to bring our clients plans into compliance.”

Transparency+ is a bolt-on software solution offered by Integrated Payor Solutions that is built on Salesforce, a powerful platform with the flexibility to integrate and grow with any existing technology stack. This solution focuses on compliance with the No Surprises Act and gives organizations like Cornerstone Preferred Resources the ability to provide claims processing, along with advanced EOBs that will be compliant with the Act.