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Integrated Payor Solutions Finalizes Build for Machine-Readable Files Component of Bolt-On Transparency Compliance Solution 

Integrated Payor Solutions, a company providing a full-stack tech solution for medical claims processing and bolt-on compliance solution for the No Surprises Act (NSA), announced the completion of the machine-readable files component of their NSA solution, Transparency+.

Following the latest CMS guidance, Integrated Payor Solutions was able to quickly finalize the build-out of the machine-readable files for their existing Transparency+ clients. The links for the machine-readable files will be live and available on their clients’ websites July 1st.

“The machine-readable files are critical to continue to maintain compliance in the future, particularly with the advanced explanation of benefits requirement coming in 2023 as the machine-readable files will provide the cost information to complete these calculations,” said Shawn Evans, CEO of Integrated Payor Solutions. “If you don’t have the prices of the services by line item, it will not be possible to provide an accurate estimate for a given procedure with a specific provider.”

Transparency+ is a bolt-on software solution offered by Integrated Payor Solutions that is built on Salesforce, a powerful platform with the flexibility to integrate and grow with any existing technology stack. Transparency+ can help third-party administrators reach machine-readable file compliance in as little as 6 weeks. Ensuring all requirements for machine-readable files are met, Transparency+ consolidates networks’ files for plans with multiple networks, updates the directory in real-time, and updates the files monthly.