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Integrated Payor Solutions offers transformational, cloud-based solutions that power your payor or network business. Get access to the industry’s most powerful, flexible and secure platform and stand-alone transparency solution.

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Are You Prepared for the No Surprises Act?

The No Surprises Act’s Transparency in Coverage Regulations obligate group health plans to publicly post machine readable files and provide a price comparison tool and Advanced EOBs starting January 2023. Health plans need a reliable transparency solution in place as soon as possible.

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One Simple Solution

Available now to meet the regulations of the No Surprises Act, Transparency+ by Integrated Payor Solutions is a stand-alone claims processing system and cost estimator built on the dynamic Salesforce platform.

Built for Growth

Unparalleled scalability and reliability powered by Salesforce

No Strings Attached

Bolt-on solution that can integrate with any existing tech stack

Ultra-Quick Compliance

60-day average implementation to meet requirements fast

Transparency+ by Integrated Payor Solutions easily fulfills the key components required by the No Surprises Act for Machine Readable Files, Advanced EOBS and Qualified Payment Amounts, including:

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Get access to the industry’s most powerful, flexible and secure platform, Encompass+.

Integrated Payor Solutions’ platform, Encompass+, is the transformational cloud-based solution that powers your payor or network business. Because today, workflows can be paper-based and prone to errors, managed by antiquated software that takes forever to implement, or limited by costly in house IT solutions.

Features That Power Your TPA or Network Business

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Full-stack tech solution

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No additional IT resources or investment

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Compliant and secure

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Low barrier to entry

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Easy to use

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User-friendly portals

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Customizable reporting

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