Choosing the right TPA, ASO or network business software is challenging. The wide range of platform capabilities can be both confusing and overwhelming (and so can the price tag that comes with them). Select the wrong option and it can cost your business time, productivity and, ultimately, money. Here’s what to look for in finding the best solution for your business without wasting dollars.

#1 Look for flexible pricing.
All too often, software platforms “fee” their customers to death – charging for features and services whether they’re being utilized or not. Instead, look for a flexible pricing model to prevent paying for features you don’t want or need, so you can focus on paying only for what makes sense for your business.

#2 Find a scalable solution.
Find additional savings by opting for a solution with a per-employee-per-month (PEPM) pricing model, rather than paying a large minimum monthly fee regardless of your business size.This also allows organizations to scale up quickly as growth occurs. As your business expands, it can be expensive to transition from platform to platform in order to accommodate changing business needs. Instead, choose a platform that has the capabilities to grow with you. Because it’s built on SaaS powerhouse Salesforce, Integrated Payor Solutions can seamlessly grow with your business, while still minimizing the risk of claim errors or other growing pains.

#3 Evaluate what’s really included.
When it comes to all-in-one software pricing, there’s a fine line between paying for features that aren’t needed, and missing out on features that are actually crucial. Look for a solution that rolls in must-haves like data transition, data bridges and upgrades without surprise fees down the line. Another key feature to watch for: Data integration services with no additional charge for historical data transition, which some platforms charge thousands of dollars for.

#4 Consider a Cloud-based solution.
Cloud-based software solutions provide security, speed and enhanced accessibility. They also help your business avoid costly compatibility issues and antiquated software replacements down the road. Look for an option with HIPAA and SOC2 certifications to ensure medical claims processing stays HIPAA compliant and user data stays secure. Regardless of size, finding the right software solution is critical for Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Administrative Service Organizations (ASOs) and other network or payor organizations – for today’s needs as well as for paving the road to future growth. Integrated Payor Solutions is proud to offer the industry’s most powerful, flexible and secure platform – while also helping businesses eliminate wasted spend.

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